Setting Your Organisation on a Trajectory to an Improved Future

Beyond Default is a different and innovative approach to strategy and change. It’s a practical set of frameworks and techniques for getting strategy right and establishing the conditions for successful change.

The premise of the Beyond Default approach to strategy and change is that all organisations are on a trajectory. A trajectory taking them to their default future. This is the place they will end up if they take no action other than that currently planned.

The essential purpose of strategy is therefore to define an alternative trajectory, one that takes your organisation to an improved future. And the purpose of strategic change is to ensure that this change in trajectory happens and your strategic intent becomes operational reality.

The challenge

The initial challenge in any strategy and change initiative lies in understanding the strategic opportunities that are available. Only when these opportunities are fully understood can informed choices be made on the strategic trajectory to pursue. But defining strategic intent involves more than understanding markets and customers. It requires an understanding of the influence of all the exogenous forces that are shaping and changing the context within which your organisation operates.

But strategy is of no value if it is not delivered. The execution of strategy involves change, and a prerequisite for successful change involves understanding the endogenous forces that are anchoring your organisation to its current trajectory. All too often the influence of these endogenous forces are underestimated or ignored. As a result the required change does not happen. The strategy is not realised and the organisation continues on its current trajectory. The one taking it to its default future.

Understanding the influence of the exogenous and endogenous forces is an important part of the Beyond Default approach to strategy and change. As is confronting your default future, understanding your trajectory of strategic opportunity and defining your trajectory of strategic intent. When it comes to delivering strategic change it is important that strategic intent is made meaningful to others and that the strategy is operationalised rather than implemented.

The most critical condition that needs to be in place for any for any strategy and strategic change to be successful is leadership, specifically collective leadership. As without collective leadership there will be no collective strategy. Without a collective strategy an organisation will pull itself in multiple directions – and in doing so have very little chance of successfully changing its trajectory and going beyond its default future.

More about the Beyond Default approach to strategy and change – and the book on which it’s based – is given throughout this site. Supporting articles, blogs, webinars and videos are available on the Resources page.

Strategy and change is important

Whether you’re a large corporation, not-for-profit organisation, government agency or family-owned business, strategy and change is important. It’s important because the very future of your organisation, and the livelihoods of the people who work in it, are dependent upon how well your strategy is developed and executed. Unfortunately getting strategy right remains a challenge for many organisations, particularly in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.

Our support

We won’t tell you what your strategy should be, nor will we present you with a multi-step approach to developing strategy and delivering change. What we can do is offer you thought leadership and thought partnership on how best to develop the best strategy for your organisation and establish the conditions for successful change. How we help organisation deliver successful strategy and change is given on the Services page.

We invite you to learn more about the Beyond Default approach to strategy and change.

“Many business books claim to change the reader’s perspective and offer a new way of looking at strategic management. However, few live up to their claim. Beyond Default offers a wonderful and welcome exception.”Freek Vermeulen, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship London Business School