Setting Your Organization on a Trajectory to an Improved Future

David and Peter enjoy nothing more than sharing their ideas with groups, either through presentations or workshops. Drawing upon their years of experience as consultants and advisors, and research undertaken in writing Beyond Default, they bring a different perspective to the challenge of developing and executing strategy that delivers. Their style is both engaging and informative.

David or Peter could present the big ideas covered in their book, or alternatively focus on specific topics, for example:

  • Taking your organisation beyond its default future.
  • Confronting your organisation’s default future.
  • Becoming a ‘Beyond Default’ leader.
  • What is the real purpose of strategy?
  • Operationalising – as opposed to implementing, strategy – and what’s the difference?
  • Successful strategy requires greater collective – as opposed to – individual leadership.
  • Why transformational change is still such a challenge.
  • Understanding what it takes to succeed at corporate transformation.

If you would like David or Peter to present at your company’s conference or leadership retreat, or run a workshop for your leadership team, contact Donna Laban.

David, Peter and their colleagues consult and advise leaders on how to take their organisations beyond their default future. For further information go to