Setting Your Organisation on a Trajectory to an Improved Future

Beyond Default is an approach to strategy and change. It’s the result of a 25-year collaboration between David Trafford and Peter Boggis. During this time – working as strategy and change consultants – they acquired the insights and skills needed to address the challenges facing their clients.

Working with leaders from organisations across a range of industries and geographies, David and Peter developed their thinking and understanding on how organisations operate and plan their futures. While the challenges facing these organisations differed, they all had one thing in common: a desire to improve their future. The resulting insights formed the foundation of the Beyond Default approach to strategy.

The book

Beyond Default is also the name of David and Peter’s book. It covers all aspects of successful strategy and change, from identifying and understanding strategic opportunities to establishing the conditions for change. The premise of the book is that all organisations are on a trajectory to a default future. This is the place they will end up if they take no action other than that currently planned. The aim of the book is to help leaders understand the default future of their organisation and make the choices needed to put it on a trajectory to an improved future. More on the book, including the introduction and foreword by Don Tapscott, is available here.

The organisation

In 2010 Peter and David founded Formicio Limited, an advisory services and consulting business. Focusing on all aspects of strategy and change, Formicio provides thought leadership and thought partnership on all aspects of assessing, developing and executing strategy. Formicio is passionate about working with people who want to change their organisation’s future. The name Formicio comes from two Latin words, formo (to form or shape) and proficio (to advance, make progress, benefit, contribute) – an accurate reflection of the value it intends to bring.

"Beyond Default explores both organisational and individual level factors to build a holistic approach to change management in today’s volatile and unpredictable business environment."Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD

"This book is a thoughtful, carefully researched and well-written exploration of why some enterprises succeed over time, while others fail."Jim Champy, Co-Author of Reengineering the Corporation, A Manifesto for Business Revolution

About David and Peter


David Trafford

Helps executives and leadership teams deliver successful change, specifically technology-enabled change. After starting his career as an engineer, and spending five years as a Research Fellow, he moved into consulting some 30 years ago, and over the years has advised and supported numerous organisations in developing strategies and delivering change. Most recently his focus has been on organisations that aim either to create a truly digital business, or to make their existing business more digitally enabled. David is a co-founder and Managing Director of Formicio, an advisory firm that provides thought leadership and thought partnership on all aspects of assessing, developing and operationalising strategy.


Peter Boggis

Helps business executives gain the insights and capabilities needed to develop and operationalise strategy. Peter began his working career as a Chartered Accountant, before moving into management consulting in 1980 after relocating initially to Kenya and then South Africa. After returning to Europe in 1998, he led a series of major business reengineering programmes across a range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, mining, steel, chemicals and food, and other consumer products. Peter is a co-founder of Formicio, and is passionate about the power and role of language in helping organisations envisage a future beyond that of their default.