What’s Your Default Strategy

Dialogue Review, 14 September 2017

Every organisation has a ‘strategy’ – whether it’s intended, or not.

All organisations need a strategy; indeed all organisations have a strategy – though they may not realise it. It may not be explicitly defined or clearly articulated, but the daily decisions and actions of an organisation’s leaders reflect that strategy.

The only question is whether the strategy is intentional or by default.

If it’s intentional, explicit choices have been made on how to realise a strategic intent. If it’s by default, it’s a result of a lack of leadership and a willingness to accept the default future.

The problem with the term ‘strategy’ is that it means different things to different people. To some, it’s how revenue is created, for others it’s how they compete in the marketplace or the values by which they operate.

In reality it’s all of these.

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