Beyond Default Book Review

Review by Alan Clarke for Quality World Magazine

“The authors have set out a very well-evidenced and thought-provoking book, which gives an in-depth overview of how important strategy is to the long-term success of an organisation.

Beyond Default explains that organisations have a default future, but that truly successful organisations are able to explore the range of strategic possibilities, and are able to change and steer their course in order to develop more positive futures.  It then describes and explains how leaders have a responsibility to confront the default future (which they are accountable for), and explore other possibilities to decide if there is a need to develop more beneficial plans.

The book explains organisational capabilities, and how these determine an organisation’s trajectory. It also explores the path of strategic opportunity, which includes considering the potential impact of external and internal forces.  Advice is also given on how to define an organisation’s path of strategic intent.”

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