Setting Your Organisation on a Trajectory to an Improved Future

Our strategy and change consulting services are an independent source of advice and support on all aspects of developing strategy and delivering strategic change.

Advisory services

We offer advice, consulting support and coaching in all aspects of strategy and change. Our aim is to be your trusted advisor who offers impartial advice and support. We will work with you to develop a strategy that is best for your organisation. We can also help you identify and put in place the necessary conditions for turning your strategic intent into operational reality.

We can also be your ‘thought partner’. Someone you can bounce ideas off and help develop your thinking. Importantly, we wouldn’t presume that we know enough about your organisation, or the context within which it operates, to tell you what your strategy should be. But we do know what questions to ask, and what conditions need to be put in place for your organisation to have any chance of getting its strategy right. One that will take it beyond its default future.

To set up a call to explore how we can help, contact Donna Laban.

Presentations and facilitation

We can provide input to your Board strategy day, leadership retreat, team offsite or company conference. David or Peter can share their insights on the principles and practices of strategy and change generally and the Beyond Default approach specifically. They will draw upon their years of experience as consultants and advisors, underpinned by their research in writing Beyond Default, to bring a different perspective to the challenge of developing strategy and delivering change. Especially in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

To discuss how we can take your event beyond its default, contact Donna Laban.

Strategic Leadership Development

If you would like to develop your organisation’s strategic leadership capability, we have a development programme for you. This innovative multi-module blended learning programme will help you gain the insights, frameworks, tools and capabilities needed to successfully develop strategy and deliver strategic change. The programme was developed in collaboration with Grahame Robb Associates – a leader in people and organisational development.

Currently the programme is only available on an in-company basis. Whether it’s your top leadership team, internal strategy group, divisional/functional management or strategy project team, this innovative learning programme will help you put the necessary conditions in place to put your organisation on a trajectory to an improved future.

More information on the programme is available on the Grahame Robb Associates’ website.

“The authors’ praxis for exploring a default strategy is well argued and clearly presented, with a vital recognition of organisational realities.”Michael Earl, Emeritus Professor of Information Management, University of Oxford

“This thought-provoking book throws an interesting new light on what ‘strategy’ is all about.”Sir George Cox