Beyond Default Thinking

Here is a universal truth: we all have a default thinking pattern. It determines how we initially see the world, how we approach and solve problems, how we build relationships, and how we deal with conflict. It’s our default thinking that we rely on to keep us going in hard times. But it can also hold us back.

It’s also our default thinking that means there are some people we just cannot get on with, and it’s our default thinking that causes us to make the same mistakes again. More importantly, it’s our default thinking that puts us on a trajectory to our default future. Or, to put it another way, we become the result of all of our collective decisions and choices.

Our Beyond Default Thinking takes you beyond the standard coaching model of listening, reflecting and facilitating your own ideas back to you. It tackles your default thinking, allowing you to break the patterns that are taking you to your default future.

The journey starts with you understanding your default thinking through a tried-and-tested assessment. We then assess the extent to which you have the cognitive skills needed to break these mental patterns. Then we will help you practise the necessary cognitive skills and become proficient in them. Finally, having confronted your default thinking, we will help you develop the confidence to tackle problems that you have previously failed to address or solve.

Beyond confronting your own default thinking lies the path to confronting the default future of that for which you are accountable, whether that is your team, organisation or community. Beyond Default Thinking is an important leadership capability – a capability we can help you develop.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you confront your default thinking, please contact Donna Laban to arrange a call.

In the meantime, you might find Confronting Your Default Future of interest.

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