available from early 2021


Collective leadership experiential learning journeys

Our facilitated collective leadership experiential learning journeys are designed for leadership teams at any level who believe their organisation would benefit from greater collective leadership. Participation is spread over 20 weeks and comprises facilitated discussions, personal study and reflection, dialogic self-assessments, online workshops and group assignments.

They are currently under development and will be available from early 2021. In the meantime we’d like to invite you to participate in our Collective Leadership longitudinal research study.

If you would like to advised when the eBook describing the learning journeys is available, let us know. Equally if you’d like to discuss the possibility of your leadership team undertaking a learning journey, please contact Donna Laban.

In the meantime, you might find The Case for Greater Collective Leadership of interest.

During the current coronavirus pandemic our services have been adapted to be Covid-19 compliant.