Our approach is very different to a ‘backward-looking’ audit

Strategy and change quality assurance

Our strategy and change quality assurance assessments provide powerful insight in to whether your strategy will be a success. By taking a ‘forward-looking’ approach we identify and assess the degree to which the necessary conditions for success are in place. If they are not in place we give recommendations on what could be done to put them in place, or to strengthen them. Our approach is very different to a ‘backward-looking’ audit where the focus is on reviewing what has been achieved against plan.

If you’d like to discuss us undertaking a quality assurance assessment of your strategy or change programme, please contact Donna Laban to arrange a call.

In the meantime, you might find Insight Into How Effective Organisations Are At Developing Strategy And Delivering Change of interest.

During the current coronavirus pandemic our services have been adapted to be Covid-19 compliant.