Strategy development

If you’re looking for a different approach to developing strategy look no further. In his Foreword to our book, Don Tapscott says that ‘Beyond Default provides the tools to take strategy to the next level’.

While developing a successful strategy is without question difficult, it’s not complicated if you understand the essence of what strategy is really about. At its core are the choices you make aimed at putting your organisation on a trajectory to a different future. A future that is better than the one it’s currently heading for.

Developing strategy is not about making aspirational wishes about the organisation you lead or describing a vision that you hope others will find compelling; it’s about deciding which trajectory to take. A trajectory that takes your organisation away from its default future to one that is better.

Furthermore, the essence of good strategy is also understanding what’s strategic and what isn’t. The distinction is in the nature of the choices that are made. Choices that are difficult, if not impossible, to reverse or undo once executed, are strategic. The rest are planning choices, which can be changed – albeit at a cost. Strategic choices not only relate to strategic intent, ie the trajectory you want to take, but also how the change in trajectory will be achieved.

We wouldn’t presume that we know enough about your organisation, or the context within which it operates, to tell you what your strategy should be, but we know what questions to ask and process to follow. We also know that in today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, developing good strategy has never been more important – the very future of your organisation depends on it.

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