Strategy execution

The purpose of strategy execution is to turn strategic intent into operational reality. It’s the series of decisions and actions aimed at changing an organisation’s trajectory, from one taking it to its default future to one that takes it to an improved future. These decisions and actions are usually undertaken through some form of transformation programme.

However, all the evidence indicates that only about 5% of large-scale transformation programmes achieve their target outcomes. Or, to put it another way, 95% of transformation programmes do not achieve the target trajectory set out in the strategy. One of the reasons for this poor success rate is that focus and effort are given to the wrong things. While developing transformation roadmaps and delivery plans, preparing steering group packs and designing target operating models (TOMs) are important and need to be done, the initial focus must be on establishing the necessary conditions for success (CfS).

One of the best ways of describing conditions for success is through a gardening analogy. All good gardeners know that certain conditions need to be in place for a garden to flourish, with fertile soil being the most obvious. Good gardners also know that while soil quality can be improved, certain plants will never do well in particular types of soil. While some of these conditions can be controlled others, like the weather, cannot. And we all know that if the necessary conditions for success are not in place gardening can be a very frustrating and expensive pastime.

It’s the same when executing strategy. If the conditions for success are not established at the outset considerable time and resources will be wasted. Furthermore, confidence in the strategy will be put at risk.

Our strategy execution assessments provide powerful insight in to whether your strategy will be a success. By taking a ‘forward-looking’ approach we identify and assess the degree to which the necessary conditions for success are in place. If they are not in place we give recommendations on what could be done to put them in place, or to strengthen them. Our approach is very different to a ‘backward-looking’ audit where the focus is on reviewing what has been achieved against plan.

If you’d like to discuss how we could assess the degree to which your strategy’s conditions for success are in place, please contact Donna Laban to arrange a call.

In the meantime, you might find Strategy Execution – Establishing the Conditions for Success and Insight Into How Effective Organisations Are At Developing Strategy And Delivering Change of interest.

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